It goes without saying that Space Systems have to meet stringent quality requirements. At AMS, we work for both; Ground based Checkout and Data processing requirements and On-board Systems of the space applications. Our systems are CCSDS compliant.

Our unique payload checkout systems which meet multi-mission requirements are the first of their kind in highly specialized technologies.

The Company’s diversified experience gained by working on a variety of technologies coupled with strong engineering practices makes us a level player in offering products of high standards.

Product offerings

  • High Speed Satellite Data Acquisition and play back systems
  • Multi-mission Payload Checkout Systems
  • Bit Synchronizer
  • Digital Down Conversion Systems
  • Multi Band Telemetry Systems
  • Telemetry System, Receivers and Combiners
  • Decommutator
  • Time Code Reader / Generators
  • Monopulse Tracking receivers

Areas of Interest

  • On-board Telemetry
  • On-board Instrumentation
  • Base Band Processing Systems
  • Electrical Integration of Launch Vehicles
  • Ground Receiving Stations

Areas of Expertise 

  • Telemetry Systems
  • Telemetry Receivers and Combiners
  • Post-Test Data Processing
  • Pay Load Checkout Systems
  • Antenna control systems