AMS offers a range of solutions with Railway applications using embedded as well as Power electronics.

Some systems are designed to aid passengers with facilities like Signage Boards, Station Arrival Announcement Systems, GPS based Arrival and Departure information Systems while others aid in power monitoring, battery charger, AC-DC power supplies.

Additionally, a Coach Guidance system was also set in place to constantly update the position of a given coach while avoiding harnessing for communication. The Announcement Systems from AMS are based on state of the art MP3 technology with noise cancellation replace the voice chip based announcement systems used in the underground metros in Kolkata.

Product Offerings

  • Digital clock with GPS Synchronization
  • Coach guidance display system
  • Arrival/departure information display system
  • Token display system
  • Destination display board
  • Advertising displays
  • Station announcement system (digital tape recorder)

Areas of Interest

  • Data Loggers
  • Electronic Interlocking
  • Thermal Imaging Systems for
  • Anti Fog Train Driving
  • On Board Entertainment Systems
  • Power Systems
  • Security & Surveillance Systems
  • Speed Governors and recorders
  • Power Supply Chargers
  • TFT Based Driver Display