Maximizing the experience of more than 29 years in undersea warfare, AMS is now a leading player in delivering robust underwater systems. We offer board level development for building an application as a turnkey project for underwater weapons systems. Due to its proven experience in offering homing systems for underwater weapons, AMS stands as the unique solution provider in this industry.

The systems developed from our design house are used in fighter ships, submarines, underwater weapons, decoy systems underwater mines and many more.

AMS is capable of taking up requirements from concept to completion and has the ability to deliver a complete solution using state-of-the-art SONAR Signal Processing technology.

We are ready to take up requirements right from concept and have ability to deliver a complete solution using state of the art SONAR Signal Processing technology.

Product Offerings

  • On-board computers for ships
  • On-board computers for underwater use
  • Weapons and Vehicles
  • Underwater Communication Systems
  • Low-noise preamplifiers and badpass filter arrays
  • Power Amplifier Designs up to 3KW
  • Algorithms for Target Detection, Deception and Tracking

Areas of Expertise

  • Command, Surveillance and Weapon Control Systems
  • Underwater weapons
  • Submarine Electronics
  • Underwater weapons and sensors
  • Mine warfare and forces
  • Signature Management