Security has been a serious concern across the globe as the threat from anti-social elements has no yard stick to measure and both the source as well as the target can be unpredictable. Global Security managers are constantly relying on digital visions and recorded data bases to counter or capture vital data to take preventive actions or action after the scene.

At AMS, the team constantly works on different models and scenarios to productively capture the scenes of the crime and applying IMINT (Image Intelligence Technologies) algorithms to capture the culprits in real time or near real time basis.

The unique IMINT techniques allow the security managers to utilize the current security infrastructure like CCTV cameras and data bases in place and utilize the captured data from the existing security systems to detect the culprits.

It is right from the Surveillance of the vehicle at the entrant of a public place up to the movement of the public within a specified area; AMS IMINT systems are capable of accurately alerting the security in-charge of the estate.

With AMS’s advanced CTV System with Face Recognition Capability, the suspects can be identified automatically and also a possible theft can be recorded and alarmed without any human intervention.

Signal Processing Image Intelligence (IMINT) Systems

Technical Features

  • Produces undistorted image of undercarriage regardless of variations in speed (i.e. driver driving up, stopping at UVSS and then speeding off)
  • Delivers high quality images in colour.
  • Able to intelligently adapt to screen undercarriages of all types of vehicles (from small passenger types to heavy military types).
  • Designed to work optimally under various environmental conditions.

Networked Intelligence

  • Through network intelligence, various sites can be connected into a single command and control center, to effectively share vital security information on entering/existing vehicles.
  • Centralized access control allows security policies to be updated and reflected over every single installation in real-time. Remote Stand Off

Intelligent Foreign Object Detection

  • Automatically identifies any discrepancies in undercarriage or unauthorized modifications, such as hidden compartments, explosives devices
  • Detected areas would be highlighted and an alarm triggered upon detection
  • Security personnel can zoom in (up to 16 times) for a detailed examination.