Power plays a key role in the economy of India, and AMS focuses on bringing Clean and Green Energy for an improved economy.

A strategic business unit of AMS, the Energy Group is a strong team with capability of system engineering designs, site handling, sourcing capability, erection of structures and many more to fulfill the project requisites.

This group can deliver small to large scale Sub Stations, commission Solar Power Plants, Roof Top Solar Systems, Cable Trenching, and Underground Cable Laying Contracts.


  • Sub-Station, Transmission and Distribution analysis and network planning.
  • Power generation system analysis.
  • Sub-station and Transmission line design.
  • Power system protection.
  • Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), and Energy Management Systems.
  • High Voltage Underground Cabling.
  • Substation and Transmission sighting and land planning.
  • Sub Investigation and Earthing systems.
  • Construction Supervision.
  • Erection, Testing, Commissioning, training and technology transfer.
  • EPC Contracts for Solar Power Plant Deployment

Service Offerings

  • Sub-station and T&D Layout
  • Optimized Conductor selection
  • Tower Family Optimization
  • Grounding and lightening Stroke protection
  • Optical Fiber Cables, and Copper Control Cables
  • Foundation design
  • Optimized tower spotting
  • Detailed Support Structure
  • Review of contractors design
  • Construction supervision
  • Assistance with project supervision
  • Staff training, and Assistance during operation
  • EPC Designs for Solar Projects