PCB Fabrication

An Expert PCB fabrication resource is a key building block for electronics products. With AMS, a single EMS provider is dedicated to providing better manufacturability and collaboration. AMS, with its strategic partnership with PCB fabricators and SCM solutions, is set to make production cost effective.

AMS’s broad range of PCB fabrication options include:

  • PCB fabrication up to 60 layers 
  • Board thickness from 0.015” to 0.500” 
  • Copper weight from 12 microns (3/8 oz.) to 343 Microns (10 oz.)
  • Aspect ratios over 20:1 
  • Panel sizes up to 31” x 52” 
  • Large form factor and high-aspect ratio backplanes 
  • Embedded passives (ZBC™,Buried Capacitance®, Annular Buried Resistance technologies
  • High-performance materials and composites 
  • Signal-integrity modeling 
  • High-speed 10Gps leadership through innovative engineering 
  • Fabrication of Rigid-Flex-Rigid Boards
Circut Board Assembly

AMS offers PCBA services for:

  • Surface Mount Technology 
  • Conventional Leaded Technology 
  • Special Processes 
  • RoHS & Pb free PCB’s

Surface Mount Technology

By employing state of the art printers, Pick and Place machines and reflow ovens, AMS achieves industry standards and beyond in the accurate placement of surface mount devices. With many years of experience working with BGA, UBGA, CSP and small profile passives down to and including 0201, the PCBA team at AMS offers a cost effective high yield solution to any SMT requirement.

Conventional Leaded Technology

Conventional leaded technology has always held its market share even though there is a growing demand for the SMT based systems. The legacy Defence Systems designs, Power Electronic Systems are still based on Leaded Technology. The Production team at AMS is a group of trained engineers with impeccable quality consciousness in mounting leaded components. AMS undertakes both manual soldering and automatic wave soldering method depending on the volumes of the requirements. The team at AMS has decades of experience in producing Defence systems working on IPC 610 class 3 with high reliability standards of workmanship. With a dedicated workforce coupled with comprehensive infrastructure of works instructions and procedures, AMS manufactures products for demanding customers where consistency of quality is essential.

Special Processes

AMS also offers a variety of less common processes, including the use of high melting point solders, special conformal coating agents, Intrusive reflow and secure enclosure assembly.

ROHS Regulations

AMS continues to provide full lead based processing for exempt category product, whilst also having invested in lead-free equipment and process controls. At the same time, the assembly team is constantly updated with regulations from time to time.

Selective Wave Soldering

Additionally, AMS also offers selective wave soldering in assembling boards having multiple ground and power planes, high-current connectors or A-typical distribution of components.

Infrastructure Facilities

  • Soldering Stations for Manual Soldering
  • BGA Rework Stations
  • Printers
  • Pick and Place machines
  • Reflow Machines
  • Wave Soldering Machines
  • Dehumidifiers for Component Storage
  • Temperature Ovens
  • Thermal Cycling Chambers
  • Vibration Shakers
  • Conformal Coating Facility
  • Ultrasonic PCB Cleaning Facility
  • Automatic Optical Inspection Systems
  • X-Ray Inspection Systems
  • Ultra Violet Based Conformal Coating inspection system
Design Services & Value Engineering

AMS provides specialized Design Services for all your manufacturing requirements.

  •    Thermal Analysis 
  •    Signal Integrity Analysis
  •    Enclosure Packaging
  •    Packaging Electronics
Cable & Hamess Assembly

For a wide range of cost-effective cable assembly solutions, AMS is the most suitable choice. From assembly design and development capabilities to industry-leading customer service, AMS provides cable assembly services that keep the customer connected and competitive.

The AMS advantages include:

  • High-speed cables 
  • RF cables 
  • Optical cables
  • Wiring harnesses 
  • Custom cables 
  • Molding assemblies 
  • Computer-generated drawings and documentation 
  • Tooling and test development 

The Cable Harnessing Systems division at AMS provides cabling solutions to virtually all market sectors. The team is ready and prepared to be quick and help the customer be competitive in today’s global market. 

AMS strives to meet the customer’s cost and time-to-market goals, and help them move forward in the value chain. 

Engineering and NPI services

  • Quick turn to high-volume cable assembly
  • Low-cost manufacturing capabilities 
  • Supplier consolidation 
  • Deep technology and unparalleled expertise
New Product Development

Backed by vast experience in developing systems for various areas of markets, the product support team at AMS looks forward to knowing more about your new product development requirements. To find out more about AMS expertise and offerings, one could look at the Hardware Design Services expertise or reach the product support team at sales@apollo-micro.com

Final Assembly

AMS provides full integration of electronic products from small- to mid-range to large infrastructure and capital equipment. AMS ensures to raise the quality of your products while lowering costs. As your EMS Company of choice, AMS strives to deliver the technology, expertise, quality and dedication as an OEM service provider.

Our Services include:

  • SCM Services
  • Design and engineering support
  • PCB and PCB assembly 
  • Backplane assembly 
  • Memory and optical modules
  • Cable and harness assembly 
  • Plastic injection molding 
  • Precision machining 
  • Enclosures packaging and qualification
  • Integration of hardware and software 
  • BTO and CTO services according to your needs
  • Reliability testing