PCB Layouts

AMS has extensive experience in high speed PCB Designs. The dedicated team with rich design expertise makes AMS the right choice for complete PCB Layout requirements.

AMS’s Capabilities

  • Design with fine pitch BGA
  • Impedance controlled Design
  • Length matched differential pair routing
  • Timing constraint design
  • Design with Thermal ladder and metal core bayers
  • Flexible PCB Designs
  • Rigid-Flex-Rigid Designs
  • RF Designs
  • Multi Million Gate FPGA Based Design
Library Services

AMS offers library services as a part of PCB layout or as a standalone service. Due to the availability of an extensive Library, AMS can ensure faster design turnaround.

AMS offers the following services:

  • Dedicated team for Library build and QC process.
  • Option for custom built parts for specific customer standards and DFx requirements. 
  • Heat sink and cooling proposals. 
  • Expertise in creating complex component libraries / pressfit components / electro-mechanical components.
Signal Inteprity

Pre-route and Post-route SI Analysis

SI analysis to meet the design specifications in respect of timing, skew, crosstalk and signal distortions. AMS combines SI tools and design expertise, coupled with constraint managed design paradigm, in order to address complex engineering tasks. This ensures "First Time Right Designs" and reduces time to market.

EMC Analysis

EMI/EMC analysis facilitates the prediction of EMI/EMC behaviour already in the design phase of product design. Critical issues can be identified and corrected already on board level.

AMS analyses and optimises layouts in order to target EMC compatibility and thus reduce time to market. Near field (Magnetic) and Far Field (Electric) radiations are simulated and reports are generated for analysis purposes.

Thermal Analysis

AMS has extensive expertise in Thermal Analysis. 

AMS has extensive expertise in Thermal Analysis:

  • Thermal Analysis of temperature critical designs for example automotive designs and power electronics.
  • Detailed reports indicating component and board temperature profiles. 
  • Heat sink and cooling proposals. 
  • Metal core and thermal ladder PCB designs.
  • System level thermal analysis.

Short product lifecycles and reduced price margins have compelled a shift in the product development process to focus on cost reduction and design optimization. Every engineering service company has realized the importance of these requirements. At AMS, every design is reviewed for manufacturability (DFM), assembly (DFA), and test (DFT) – generally termed DFx. 

DFA aims to reduce the cost of assembly. It delivers improved quality and reliability. The PCB design is analyzed for any assembly problems early in the design process. This is a process for improving product design for easy and low-cost assembly .DFA is a set of guidelines and manufacturing data for designers to follow. 

DFM aims to ensure that the PCB design has been validated for all the manufacturing constraints of the design. Primarily validation is for stack build, worst case feature spacings, annular rings, slivers, solder mask, contiguous copper areas, registration and aspects that have an impact on the yield in PCB manufacturing. 

DFT adds testability features to the design as a primary need for complex designs, so that they can be adapted to industry standard in circuit testers. Test coverage based on test jig structure is analyzed and test point position with optimization to achieve cost effective test fixtures is aimed as part of this analysis.