Ground Defense

AMS has gained specialized expertise in the development and manufacturing of rugged electronics for military applications. Ground based military electronics demands meeting stringent vibration, shock and EMC-EMI requirements. Our engineering expertise coupled with our in-depth hardware design knowledge makes us a unique solution provider delivering a reliable product.

At AMS we realize that every mission is critical on the ground, in the sea, air, and at home and abroad. We offer ruggedized COTS-embedded hardware and software solutions that excel in extreme environments. Our rugged equipment meets the highest military standards giving you unprecedented processing, networking, data storage and information assurance capabilities in an operation.

Products on Offer:

  • Navigation Systems
  • Electric and Hydraulic Systems
  • Servo Drive Systems
  • Mil Grade Power Supplies
  • Electronic Suspension Systems
  • Motion Control Systems
  • Climate Control
  • Instrumentation Clusters
  • Navigation Systems
  • Stabilized Torrent? Control Systems
  • Software Defined Radios
  • COTS based Digital Up/Down Conversion
  • Radio Jammers
  • Towed Radar Decoys
  • Tactical Data Link Moderns
  • Mono Pulse Tracking Receiver

We also offer Signal Processing Software Development in the following areas:

  • Signal intelligence (ELINT, COMINT)
  • Electronic Support Measures (Threat Warning, Homing Target Acquisition)
  • Electronic Counter Measures (Deception Jamming Noise Jamming)
  • Electronic Counter Measuring Systems (Anti ESM, Anti ECM)
  • Image Intelligence (IMINT)
  • Direction Finding Systems