Avionics Systems are complex in nature and each project in this field requires highly engineered and long development and qualification cycles. The entire process from concept to design and manufacturing to providing after sales services is being offered as ‘Total Solutions under One Roof by AMS.’

The company has diverse expertise in the development of complex systems for mission critical applications. Our team has the know-how and technology to deliver systems that meet safety critical requirements. The system could be a communication or electrical system or an on-board computer, our variety of customized COTS solutions is ready to be configured to suit all your avionic system requirements.


Product Offerings

  • On-board Computers
  • On-board Speakers
  • Weapon Control Systems
  • RF Decoys
  • Radio Altimeters
  • Radars and Sensors
  • Cockpit Simulators
  • Fight Control Systems
  • Flight Control Systems
  • Flat Panel Cockpit Displays Clusters
  • Flat Panel Cockpit Displays Clusters
  • Navigation Systems
  • Tactical Data Link Modems
  • ESM, ECM and ECCM for Avionics