AMS has been producing defence systems for the past 29 years and the company has proven experience and expertise in the development and manufacturing of On-board and Ground Based Systems, Ground Checkout Systems, Launcher Control Systems and Fire Control Systems. Our systems are built with modular scalable architecture, realized using MIL-qualified and Rugged Customized Commercial-Off-Shelf (C2 OTS) Systems.

Product Offerings

Some of the products AMS offers are:

  • On-Board Computers
  • Instrumentation Systems
  • Missile Interface Units
  • Radio Proximity Fuses
  • RF/IR/Dual Seeker Electronics
  • Gyro Actuation Systems
  • Servo Control Units
  • Command Guidance Units
  • On-Board Telemetry
  • Seeker Electronics
  • Launcher Interface Units
  • Launcher Control PC(LCPC) 

Areas of Expertise

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Command, Surveillance and Weapon Control Systems
  • Signature Management
  • Inertial Navigation System for Missile Systems
  • Sensor Package Units
  • Ground Checkout Systems
  • Ship Borne Launchers
  • Fire Control Systems for Roads
  • Mobile Launchers
  • Launcher control systems
  • Decoy Launchers

Areas of Interest

  • Surveillance, Multi Sensor Data Fusion, Situation Assessment
  • Mission Planning and Intelligent Data Management Features
  • Launcher slaved to an Optical Director Sight
  • Supply of Launcher Command Stations